Expected School-Wide Learning Results: ESLRs


The OIS Expected School-Wide Learning Results represent the cumulative skills and attributes we believe critical for students to develop during their time at our school.

With our focus on educating the whole child, we develop curricula to ensure that when our students graduate from Olive International School they embody our four Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs). OIS's CARE is built into our ESLRs because our students character and academic quality is equally important.  To that end, teachers at every grade level and in each subject area align their lesson plans and instruction to prepare OIS students to be:

1.      Critical and creative thinkers who…

a)        Actively explore new ideas and pose questions about their meaning, significance, and implications.

b)        Recognize when an approach is unsuccessful and identify logical alternatives.

c)        Ask questions to clarify understanding and seek to make sense of new learning.

2.      Active and responsible learners who…

a)        Take responsibility for their own learning and behavior.

b)        Use resources effectively, namely class time, materials,  peers, and teachers.

c)        Follow direction, are attentive, and produce quality work.

3.      Respectful and collaborative workers who…

a)        Participate and engage in class discussions and collaborative work.

b)        Demonstrate an ability to work together with respect, compassion, and integrity.

c)        Contribute positively to the class and to the greater community.

4.      Effective and thoughtful communicators who…

a)        Listen with interest and open minds.

b)        Explain and present with clarity and confidence.

c)        Respond to differing ideas with understanding and authenticity.