Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at OIS is designed to provide active learning, rigorous study, and character building in a positive and caring environment. We meet the needs of our students and guide them to reach their potential by engaging them with knowledge, skills, and understanding that are academically challenging and relevant in their lives. Student – centered education and whole – person development are at the core of our curriculum goals.

OIS uses American curriculum which follows several U.S. national standards. We follow U.S Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts and Mathematics. CCSS is used in the majority of schools in the U.S and it lays detailed guidelines for K-12 education to help develop students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. In addition to CCSS, we follow Next Generations Science Standards (NGSS) for Science, and other state standards for Social Studies, Arts, and Physical Education. Extensive ESL program supports English language learners in both push-in and pull-out programs, and CSL program engages Chinese language learners to acquire the host country’s language in a meaningful way. Excellence in academics, character development, language acquisitions, and global mindedness are a priority at OIS to prepare our students to be ready for college and beyond in this 21st century.  

With the guidelines of American curriculum, our teachers plan lessons and engage students through a variety of teaching models including experiential learning, inquiry-based learning, and project-based learning with technology integration and multiple intelligences in mind. In many of our units of study, teachers collaborate to offer holistic approach in education. In this learning environment, students are encouraged to raise questions, explore through real-life examples, and gain understanding through meaningful discussions and projects. 

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English class reading "The Giver"

Social Studies class, Ancient Rome topographic map

Social Studies class, Ancient Rome topographic map

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